How to Change or Add new columns/or new table names

Follow the steps below to change or add new columns or table names in VS code in your terminal.

1.) rake db:drop
=> Dropped database ‘db/development.sqlite3’
2.) manually delete sqlite file
=> Database ‘db/test.sqlite3’ does not exist
3.) change/add new columns to original tables and if you are going to replace names of existing tables, make sure to change corresponding controllers, models, views, forms, routes, ect.
4.) Lasly run:
rails db:migrate
sandienunez@Sandies-Air tasky % rails db:migrate
5.) check your schema to make sure your tables are updated as desired.
-go back and change serializers, javascript file, html forms all to include the newly named attributes!
6.) If errors persist try below to see where you're going wrong.