Follow the steps below to change or add new columns or table names in VS code in your terminal.

1.) rake db:drop
=> Dropped database ‘db/development.sqlite3’
2.) manually delete sqlite file
=> Database ‘db/test.sqlite3’ does not exist
3.) change/add new columns to original tables and if you are going to replace names of existing tables, make sure to change corresponding controllers, models, views, forms, routes, ect.
4.) Lasly run:
rails db:migrate
sandienunez@Sandies-Air tasky % rails db:migrate
5.) check your schema to make sure your tables are updated as desired.
-go back and change serializers, javascript file, html forms all to include the newly named attributes!
6.) If errors persist try below to see where you're going wrong.

On the client-side, it’s important to understand the flow of how validation errors show up on the user interface for clients viewing the app. Understanding the flow of an app allows you to be able to solve bugs and understand the architecture of the app. Below is the flow.


1. User fills out form → hits “submit” → transmits form data via POST REQUEST

2. Controller sees validations have failed → re-renders form

3. View = displays errors to the user

Data types are values that don’t have properties. Below are the latest ECMAScript standard JS data types.

  1. Numbers (1, 1.2, 2, 3.4 NaN)
  2. Strings = “Timmy” or ‘Please feed dog’ , backticks `${interpolate} `
  • backticks interpolated with $ = called Template literals
  • inside the brackets = include variables, other primitives…

In order to be a pro at front-end development using React, a state management framework called Redux is an essential component in helping you manage global state. See what I did there? #dadjokesInCoding Below are some incredible concepts that can help you dominate your front-end game. Check them out!

  • Action

Recursion is a function that calls itself. The function that it calls is named a recursive function. So, what if it ends up in an infinite loop? Don’t worry, it has an exit condition. …

Ever wonder what to do when you are caught in the middle of a failed command in your terminal when pushing your code onto Github? Some ways to resolve this error can be to use two different commands below.

Answer to resolve:
1.) git pull
2.) git pull origin master

The best form of security in the digital age is to use an authentication authorization feature for your login/logout functionality. In this way, you won’t have to deal with hacking breaches coming from your internal database and can solely rely on the authentication practices of the provider you choose. …

The day after you graduate from a Coding Bootcamp and start looking for a job in the software engineering industry, it is exciting and nerve-wracking to send your resume to tech companies. After a few months, it can be very frustrating and demoralizing seeing rejection after rejection asking yet again…

Rest stands for (REpresentational State Transfer). REST is an architectural design pattern. People use REST principles in Rails apps to have a more clear naming mechanism for routes and actions. There are seven RESTful route options.

The Browser → sends HTTP request → to webservers

  • These HTTP requests have verbs. The HTTP verbs are GET POST PUT PATCH DELETE They describe the nature of the request.


A GET Request is when your browser is asking for info. A POST Request is when your browser is giving you information. For example, I give you a post request form data, for example submitting a form, it takes in all the information you typed in and → sends it to the web server.

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